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Guardian Management And Property Investments

Guardian Management and Property Investments is a property investment company locating in Chicago, Illinois. We purchase, renovate, lease and/or sell properties to investors, home buyers, and low income families. Property types include single family homes, two to four units, and commercial units (5 or more units).
Our goal here at Guardian is to “Improving Communities One Property at a Time”. That means taking distressed properties and rehabbing them into homes where families can reside and make memories. By doing this, not only do we increase the communities’ property values, that property in turn brings tax revenues back into the community.

Our Mission

Our mission and our promise is to deliver efficient management services utilizing tenant relationship management technology to improve property maintenance, compliance with rules and regulations and enforcement of the lease documents. We pride ourselves on the strong long-term relationships we develop with our clients.

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Our years of experience and local area knowledge makes us the only choice for your Northern Virginia property manager.

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