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How Recycling Scrap Metals Works at Phoenix Recycling

Established in 2012, Phoenix Recycling is a family-owned and operated company. As a local partner, Phoenix Recycling promotes public awareness about the importance of recycling. Combining customer service with state-of- the-art facilities, Phoenix Recycling has quickly become a fixture of the community and appreciates the support of our customers.

Since the first day, we have continuously studied and improved every aspect of our operation. The management team at Phoenix Recycling is continuously involved in the day-to-day operations to ensure our customers received the highest level of satisfaction.

Our Mission

Recycled materials are in increasing supply and demand. As the premier recycler in Garland, we take pride in staying at the forefront of industry trends and our ability to react quickly. As a result, customers benefit substantially in our market know-how and are confident in our ability to get the best pricing.
We strive to provide best market pricing and customer services.

State Certified Scales

Prompt & Efficient Service

Technically Advanced Processing

Looking for an instant quote?
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Our price list is updated daily to make sure we provide the best price to our customers.

State Certified Scales
Accurate weight when measuring scrap metal volume, connected directly to computers for transparency.
Convenient Location

Our scrap metal yard is located in Garland, Texas with two double-wide entires.

Environmentally Safe Solutions
Feel good about recycling with us.
Instant Price Quotes
Scrap metals price list updated constantly to make sure we offer you the best price.
Prompt Service
Large scrap metal yard with computerized system. You get a ticket to cash out at the truck scale or at our cashier inside the building.
Technically Advanced Processing
Speedy process gets you in and out.
13+ Years Experience

Experienced In Recycling Metals

With our experience, expertise, and innovations in handling, managing, and buying all types of metal scrap, Phoenix Recyclers has made a name for itself among many of our customers. We are reputed for our honesty, integrity, professionalism and friendly service to all our customers, big and small, leading to a long-term relationship with large industries as well as our small customers.
The industrial and manufacturing facilities in the Garland area appreciate our environmental concerns, expertise, and experience. Phoenix Recyclers strives to develop and implement tailored scrap metal recycling programs to ensure our customers are given competitive pricing, prompt service, and maximum environmental protection. We can process and market both ferrous and non-ferrous metals based on the many strategically aligned relationships we have developed throughout the scrap metal industry. And the use of modern equipment minimizes the need for expensive, non-productive traditional scrap metal handling methods.

Some Reasons to Work Together

Our team has the courage, scale, passion, diversity and resourcefulness that promise wherever and however the world needs it. Our team has the courage, scale.
Passion,diversity and resourcefulness thatise wherever and however the world needs it.
Our Clients Satisfaction
Team has the courage, scaleassion, diversity resourcefulness
24x7 Customar Service
Team has the courage, scaleassion, diversity resourcefulness
Our Clients Satisfaction
Team has the courage, scaleassion, diversity resourcefulness
Gamadiel Vasquez
Gamadiel Vasquez
Son muy amables
Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez
In and out. Thanks to the staff
S Rodriguez
S Rodriguez
This is my 3rd year coming here. No complaints. I go with my scrap, drop it off and get pay!
Jessica Cleveland
Jessica Cleveland
Convenient and quick!
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