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  • All it takes is a call to Phoenix Recycling to start the recycling process. Using our recycling management experience, Phoenix Recycling will design a program that will reduce your existing waste service fees, increase your recycling, and generate revenue for your recyclable materials. The success of your recycle program depends on your employees recycle knowledge and their motivation to execute your company's recycle program. Phoenix Recycling offers seminars to better train your employees in the recycling process.
  • We have solutions for your recycling issues.
  • Instead of filling your trash dumpsters and paying a waste disposal company to haul to a landfill, divert that waste into recyclable assets by lowering your waste costs and generating recycle revenue.
  • Exceptional customer service:
    • Timely pick-ups of recyclables from customer location with dependable service and addressing customer’s special needs and requirements.
    • Friendly phone support.
  • Collection equipment can be provided at your location such as Balers, Compactors, Open Tops, Trailers, Rubber Containers, and Gaylords.
  • Recycle Center where the public can bring their recyclables and get paid based on current market prices.
  • Phoenix Recycling has a solid reputation as a reliable, cost-effective recycling services provider.